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With an approved auto loan from Bank of Arizona, you can buy your vehicle with the help of a trusted bank.

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The Right Loan for the Right Car

The right vehicle is vital to getting around in your everyday life. Whether you are buying a new or used vehicle or refinancing your existing, our auto loan program can help put you behind the wheel. With competitive rates and flexible payment options, we can tailor your loan to meet your individual needs. So no more banking at the dealership and wondering if you've gotten the best deal.

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Competitive Fixed Interest Rates

Our interest rates are very competitive, to help you keep your overall costs down. And, when you're pre-approved, you'll know just how much your monthly payments are, so you can budget accordingly — before you pick out a car.

Loan Rates

Extended Repayment Plans

We offer lots of different terms for repayment, from three years all the way to six years. This way, you can find the right loan for your budget.

Easy-to-Use Loans

It couldn't be easier to use a Bank of Arizona auto loan. You can apply online and once you've been approved and received your funds, you can easily make your payments with an automatic debit from your checking account. We'll always provide the knowledgeable customer service you've come to expect. And keeping track is easy, with up to seven years of Online Statements, and 18 months of transaction history at your fingertips in Online and Mobile Banking.

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